Commercial Renovation New Journey, Seeking New Partners in Interior Design! Sparking innovation, forging the future of business!

Do you aspire to explore a broader creative space in the world of commercial renovation? Do you dream of being a creator of business success stories? If so, we warmly welcome you to become a member of our team and be our future collaborator!

【Who We Are】

We are a rapidly growing commercial renovation company, renowned for professionalism, innovation, and efficiency. Over the past few years, we have crafted unique and eye-catching commercial spaces for numerous businesses, becoming a trendsetter in the business landscape.

【Our Vision】

We are not just a commercial renovation company but also a team full of creativity and passion. We aim not only for the aesthetics of commercial spaces but also for shaping unique brand images through design, igniting the enthusiasm of our employees, and enhancing customer experiences.

【Why Choose Us】

1. Creative Space Challenges: Each project presents a new challenge, providing you with ample space to unleash your creativity and continuously elevate your design skills.

2. Collaboration Opportunities: We see every interior designer as a collaborator, working together to explore project requirements, realize design concepts, and integrate the team's unique style.

3. Professional Development: Here, you will have the opportunity to work with industry-leading professionals, share experiences, and enhance your professional skills.

【What We Expect】

- Passion and Creativity for Interior Design.
- Rich Design Experience, proficient in various design software.
- Strong Communication Skills, understanding client needs, and expressing unique brand images through design.

【How to Join Us】

If you aspire to make a mark in the field of commercial renovation, please send your portfolio and resume to [Recruitment Email]. We look forward to your joining, working together to usher in a new era of commercial renovation! 

The Profile

  • You possess at least a Diploma or Degree, in Architecture/ Interior Design or equivalent.
  • You are open to accept Fresh Graduates without Experience in Interior Design with expertise in 3D Max, Autodesk AutoCAD.
  • You are able to work in a team with a positive attitude and pleasant personality.
  • You have good interpersonal and communication skills and are willing to learn.
  • You are punctual and a multi-tasker who can work within tight deadlines.
  • You pay strong attention to detail and deliver work that is of a high standard.
  • You are highly goal-driven and work well in fast-paced environments.

Hand in hand towards the future, co-creating the brilliance of business!








1. 创意空间挑战:我们每个项目都是一个新的挑战,给予你充分发挥创意的空间,从而不断提升自己的设计水平。

2. 合作机会:我们视每一位室内设计师为合作伙伴,共同探讨项目需求,实现设计理念,融入团队的独特风采。

3. 专业发展:在这里,你将有机会与业界领先的专业人士共事,分享经验,提升专业技能。


- 你对室内设计充满热情和创造力。
- 你有丰富的设计经验,能够灵活运用各类设计软件。
- 你善于沟通,能够理解客户需求,并通过设计表达出独特的品牌形象。


如果你渴望在商业装修领域有所建树,欢迎发送你的作品集和简历至 [招聘邮箱]。我们期待着你的加入,一同携手开创商业装修的新时代!



  • 您拥有至少建筑/室内设计或其他相关专业的文凭或学位。
  • 欢迎接受没有室内设计经验的应届毕业生,具有3D Max和Autodesk AutoCAD的专业知识。
  • 您能够在团队中积极合作,态度积极,性格愉快。
  • 您具有良好的人际交往和沟通能力,并愿意学习。
  • 您守时、具备多任务处理能力,能够在紧张的截止日期内工作。
  • 您注重细节,交付高水平的工作。
  • 您有很强的目标驱动力,并且在快节奏的环境中工作得很出色。


01 Jan 2024


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