About Us

About Us

Our Introduction
VBID CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD is a professional construction and decoration company with 12 years of rich experience. Since its establishment 2 years ago, we have successfully helped numerous businesses and individual clients realize their dream homes, perfect office spaces, and unique store services.

VBID CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD is committed to pursuing excellence, prioritizing integrity and efficiency, giving back to employees, contributing to society, and providing high-quality service. We have always adhered to the belief that meticulous design is the soul of project quality, standardized construction is the foundation of project quality, and strict supervision is the key to and guarantee of project quality.

We always maintain vigilance in our projects, striving for excellence. We fulfill our commitment to clients with wisdom and hard work, and build our beautiful cultural home with sincerity and love.

"Leave the best in the present, tell the promise to the future." We do not forget our original intentions and remember our mission.
Our Vision & Mission
VBID CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD aspires to be your preferred partner for factory, office, fast-food restaurant, and clothing store construction and decoration. As a leader in the field of decoration, we are renowned for our excellent construction quality and efficient project management. We always prioritize safety to maximize cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction while enhancing your profitability and establishing a strong reputation in the construction and decoration industry. Our mission is to create a comfortable working environment for our customers.

As a leader in the decoration industry, VBID CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD is committed to providing exceptional construction quality and project management, ensuring that safety comes first in your project. We aim for a win-win situation in terms of cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction, ultimately boosting your profitability and establishing a strong reputation for construction and decoration businesses. We are also dedicated to creating a comfortable working environment for our customers.


Don't Hesitate to Reach us

Whether you have a project in mind, a question to ask, or simply want to say hello, our team is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out, and we'll get back to you promptly with the expertise and solutions you need to bring your design aspirations to life.